How soon should I contact you before I want to plan an event?

With hiring the perfect venue in mind then 9 months depending on the size of the event is the ideal time, however we recognise all events are unique and some require more planning than others. So the more time we have to plan, prioritise and organise the event then the better for all parties concerned.

I only want to plan an event for a small number of people, can you still help?

We will happily deal with all bookings. We have no restrictions and we value your business no matter what the numbers or requirements are.

If I send you an enquiry is there an obligation that we have to book with you?

There is no obligation to book any of the proposals that we send you.

If I already have some ideas and have started planning, can you still help?

We are only too pleased to help and support you with with your ideas, whatever stage they are at in the process.

Do I need to attend any site visits / other meetings?

We always encourage clients to attend the venues with us, so we can plan your event in great detail and walk you through all the arrangements from start to finish.

What happens once I decide to book with Seventeen43?

Once you have chosen the venue, Seventeen43 will forward a written confirmation to you detailing your requirements in depth.

What does working with Seventeen43 involve?

It’s always YOUR event – we’re just here to help you turn your dream into reality.  So, we’ll come up with ideas, make suggestions and put into action on your behalf what elements you decide to go ahead with. We’re happy to take the lead or just be part of your events team working on the areas you want us to look at.